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Interview Monica Ekström, County Commissioner in Värmaland (S)

23 mai 2007

Monica Ekström is the County Commissioner in Värmaland, a leader region of the program Prevention of Intimate Partner Violence – a Public Health Approach.

Nicolas Schirrer : What are nowadays, in the 21st Century, the mechanisms of domestic violence?



Interview : Danuta Hübner, member of the European Commission responsible for regional policy

10 novembre 2006

After her speech of the 10th of November 2006, which closed the General Assembly of European regions, Danuta Hübner, responsible for regional policy in the Barroso European Commission, answered my questions at the Palacio del Pueblo espanol.

Nicolas Schirrer : It seems that regions are worried about their culture. In the “Culture Discussion table”, somebody suggested : “we need to spend more money to protect our cultural heritage, but we don’t have that money. So, shouldn’t we try, at a European level, to reorganize the way we spend money for culture ?” What do you think of that ?


Interview : Riccardo Illy, president of the AER

8 novembre 2006

Before his re-election for two years as the president of the AER during this General Assembly of European regions, Riccardo Illy answered my questions, on the 8th of November 2006, at the Palacio del Pueblo espanol, Palma de Mallorca (E). Mr. Illy is also the president of the region Friuli Venezia Giulia (I).

Nicolas Schirrer : Do you agree with people who believe that globalization, in its actual state, is on one hand making some people richer and on the other hand some other poorer ?


Interview : Agneta Granström, Regional Minister of Norrbotten (S)

1 mai 2006

The Norrbotten region, at the very north of Sweeden, is a world leader in e-Health solutions. It is a wide, low populated and isolated area that needed to address the problems of the aeging of its population and the increase of health needs. Agneta Granström, Regional Minister, answered my questions, by phone, on the 1st of May, 2006.

Nicolas Schirrer : What were the challenges Norrbotten faced before the introduction of e-Health?